How do I activate my child account and enter an competition on Club Locker?

If you are having issues creating or linking your child's Club Locker account or are experiencing any issues entering an England Squash competition on Club Locker, we are here to help!

We understand that the process for creating/linking your child's Club Locker account isn't as straightforward, but we need parents and users to go through these steps to ensure that all our data sharing processes are fully compliant with the various laws (including GDPR), and are the result of extensive consultation with experts in this area.

Step 1: Activating your child's existing account

  • A recent change we have made to ensure full compliance with GDPR is to request that all parents 'activate' their child's account. In addition to confirming your consent for England Squash to hold your child's data, if your child is an England Squash member, activating their account ensures that they will have full access to all of their membership benefits
  • To activate your child's account, visit the child accounts page of your dashboard at, and select the child whose account you wish to activate
  • Check the box in the Action Required: Child Account Activation section and then the 'Activate child account' button
  • That's it! Your child's account is now activated. You may need to repeat this process for any further child you have linked to your account

  • Don't worry, if you need to enter a competition before you have activated your child's account, you will be taken through this as part of your first competition entry (see step 3 below)

Step 2: Creating or linking your child's Club Locker account

  • In order to enter any Club Locker competition, you will need to set up a Club Locker account linked to your child's England Squash account. This can either be done at the point you activate your child's account (see step 1), or at any point in the future by visiting their child account profile at
  • Important: Even if your child already has a Club Locker account, you will need to complete the account creation process to ensure that their England Squash account is linked to their Club Locker account, and that their England Squash membership status is synchronised with their Club Locker account. This is needed to ensure that they can enter England Squash competitions
  • The process is very similar to activating their account - this time you need to check the box in the Club Locker account consent section, and the click the 'Create Club Locker account' button
  • This button will redirect you to Club Locker, and you will be asked to sign in. Always click the big red 'Log in with' button to proceed (see screenshot below), and if prompted, enter your account details. Do not enter your details in the Username and password fields

  • You will now be taken to a Club Locker page which lists all of the child accounts which are ready to be created. To do this, you need to check the relevant boxes and then the 'Create Club Locker accounts' button. When the page reloads, you will see their accounts have been created. 
  • You can now return to - you will need to repeat this process for any more of your child who need a Club Locker account
  • Once this process is complete, you will see your child's Club Locker ID displayed in their account details the next time you view their account profile
  • Again, if you need to enter a competition before you have created or linked your child's Club Locker account, you will be taken through this as part of your first competition entry (see step 3 below)

Step 3: Entering an England Squash competition on Club Locker

  • All England Squash competitions will continue to be listed on our competition search page at This continues to be the best place to find all the competition information you need, and to start the entry process. We have recently updated the competition details page, so that all the relevant information is easy to find and understand
  • Once you have found the competition you wish to enter, open the competition details page and click 'Enter Now'. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so - enter your regular log in details (for your account)
  • If you have not already activated your child's account, or created/linked their Club Locker account (see steps 1 and 2 above), you will be given the option to do this for all of your child accounts as part of this process. At all points you will be automatically redirected to the next stage of the process
  • At the point you are passed off into Club Locker, you will be prompted to log in. Even if your child has an existing account, always press the big red 'Log in with' button to ensure you are logged in with the correct Club Locker details
  • You should then be redirected to the sign up form of the tournament you wish to enter. On page 2, you will see that your name appears in the 'Player' field by default. You will need to replace this with the name of the child you wish to enter. You should always see 'England Squash' next to their name. 
  • You should then be able to follow the process as instructed, and enter the competition once payment has been made. You will then receive an email confirmation directly from Club Locker that your entry was successful. You may also see the entrant's name on the 'Entrants' section of the competition page in Club Locker (which you can access using the 'View in Club Locker' button on the competition details page on

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