I am a Tournament Organiser - how do I run my event on Club Locker?

England Squash has integrated with Club Locker to deliver our major events and sanctioned junior competitions. Entries for competitions displayed on England Squash event search are already primarily taken via Club Locker, and Club Locker is used to manage most of England Squash's major events (including the British National Championships, British Junior Championship, English Junior Championships and other Gold and Silver sanctioned junior competitions).

If you are the Tournament Organiser for a junior sanctioned competitions and would like to run your sanctioned competition using Club Locker, this can be arranged. Please get in touch with the Competitions Team at competitions@englandsquash.com.

We may also be able to accommodate requests to run other competitions (leagues and tournaments) organised by affiliated clubs and county associations using Club Locker. If you'd like to explore this possibility, please get in touch.

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