Setting up a Club Locker account - National Schools Team Organisers

  • When using Club Locker our recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Please avoid using the old version of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Step 1 - Creating an England Squash account

  • Team managers who already have an England Squash account can skip to Step 2
  • Team managers without an England Squash account can create one on the England Squash website at
  • Creating an England Squash account is free and will allow us to connect you to the new tournament software via Club Locker
  • Enter your details to create your England Squash account. Click next once you have completed all the relevant information
  • Once you have created your England squash account you will be automatically logged into your user dashboard. This is the end of step 1.

Step 2 - Creating a Club Locker account linked to your England Squash account

  • All team managers will need to complete this step
  • It is important that your Club Locker account is linked to your England Squash account. This is a quick and easy process - go to, click the big red 'Log in with' button and enter your sign in details (the details you have just created for your England Squash account)
  • When following the link in the previous page you will be taken to a page that looks like the below screenshot
    • Click on the Log in with button as circled in the image to the right. Please do not enter your login details to the boxes below ('Username' and 'Password').
    • If you are still logged into your England Squash account from step one your account will automatically login when clicking this button. If not you will have to enter your England squash login details
  • You should then land on the Club Locker homepage. You can check to see if your account has been created correctly by looking for your name in the top right-hand corner. If your name shows then your account has been created

End of Stage 1 – Team Manager Creation

  • Thank you for creating your Club Locker account. We will attach you to your team soon and provide further instruction. We will be shortly inputting scores from stage 1 that have been sent to us; once these have been input feel free to double-check to ensure they are correct and contact us at with any issues. 
  • So that we can keep track of who has created their Club Locker account, could you please put a Y next to your name on the following form once you have created your Club Locker account:
  • We will be in touch very soon for Stage 2 – Player account creation

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