Eligibility criteria

England Squash apply the standard WSF eligibility criteria for selection at all levels, and also for appearing on the Dunlop National Junior Rankings. These are outlined in Section K of the WSF World Championship Regulations. In particular, the current version (v9.0, revised December 2019) states that:

K2. A player is eligible to represent a country in a World Team Championship if he was born in the country, or is a citizen of, or became a naturalised citizen of, or has resided in, the country for at least three years immediately preceding the Championship, excepting as indicated in K4. 

K3. If a player is a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, he may represent the country of England, Scotland, Wales or Isle of Man only if he was born in that country, or has resided in that country for at least three years immediately preceding the Championship. A United Kingdom citizen is also eligible to represent the United Kingdom country of birth of a biological parent. 

K4. Notwithstanding the above, a player is ineligible to represent a country if he has represented another country in the three years preceding the Start Date in a recognised International Squash Team or Individual Championship (.i.e. WSF World Championship, Regional Team or Individual Championship, official Match between MNFs in any age group). 

Note for general guidance: In the case of Individual Championships, where a player is entered by their National Federation into a World or Regional Individual Championship, a player would be deemed to have represented their nation. However, playing in a National Open event does not count towards eligibility, nor does participating in Individual Masters events such as World and Regional events. 

A player who has not reached the age of 18 on the final day of an event may within the next three year period from the applicable final day subsequently exercise a different qualification based upon a reduction of three years to one year in the requirements of K2 and K4. 

A player may only make one change using the reduced time period, and thereafter would be required to conform to the three year period in respect of exercising an eligibility. In all cases of eligibility based upon residence, it is not permitted to do so based upon residence in respect of further education away from the family home, even if there is an intention to remain in the country afterwards i.e. the time period shall commence after the final day of the study period.

To appear on the Dunlop National Junior Rankings, players must:

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