How do I get on the national junior rankings?

If you or your child would like to appear on the national junior rankings, you will need to do this via your profile on

If the player is attached to a parent, the parent must :

  • Head to the child accounts page, and select the relevant child
  • Under 'National Junior Rankings Opt-in', check the relevant boxes to declare eligibility and opt in

If the player has their own account:

  • Log in and head to the Edit Profile page
  • Under 'Event Information', check the relevant boxes to declare eligibility and opt in

Once a player has been opted in, they will appear in the next monthly rankings that are published (as long as they have qualifying results - please check the rankings policy for full details).

To appear on the National Junior Rankings, players must:

  • Have a current England Squash membership (at the time at which rankings are processed). If a ranked player's membership lapses, they will disappear from the rankings. Once their membership is renewed, they will re-appear on the monthly rankings (i.e. not in real time). 
  • Have a Club Locker account linked (you can see this in the Child Account details, or on the Edit Profile page)
  • Be eligible (and intend) to represent England
  • Have opted in to appear on the rankings (via England Squash website)

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