Which tournaments are eligible for ranking points?

Following consultation with players, tournament organisers and parents, changes to the ranking policy were implemented in September 2017.  Among these changes were a revision of the tournaments that are eligible for ranking points.

Under the new policy, only England Squash sanctioned events are eligible for ranking points. This means that points previously awarded for Junior Inter County Championships, Junior Regional Closed Championships and Junior County Closed Championship will no longer be awarded. Ranking averages have been updated from 1 September 2017 to reflect this.

We are conscious of the impact this will have on junior rankings for some players, and on the tournaments themselves. However, we would remind all parents and players that these changes have been made in order to create a level playing field with equal opportunity for junior players to earn ranking points regardless of where they live.

A detailed paper outlining the rationale for this changes and the associated impact can be downloaded from the 'junior competition pathway changes' page. This policy will be reviewed at the end of the season, along with all other changes to the junior pathway.

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