How do I record sessions and add players to the app?

The Homepage
Once you have logged in to the England Squash app you will arrive at the home page where you will find all the navigation tools to be able to use the app.  Having trouble logging in?

On the homepage you'll see your profile information. On the left is how many sessions you have organised and on the right is the total number of players you have had at your sessions. In the middle is your profile picture, and your current Squash Leader ranking. You can update your profile picture and other details on your account through 'My Profile'
Below your profile information you'll see quick links that will take you straight to either the 'leaderboard', 'my sessions', 'my profile', 'resources' or to 'England Squash news'. As well as these quick links we have a drop down menu navigation tool in the top right hand corner, indicated by 3 black lines, which will give you the option to go straight to any page.
The England Squash logo in the top left corner will always bring you back to this page from wherever you are on the app.

My sessions
The 'My Sessions' page shows you all the sessions you have organised and the number of players that attended. 

To add a new session click on the ‘Add New session’ button at the top of the page. You will be taken to a page where you can enter the type of session, the date and time and choose a venue. Select the type of session from the drop down list. The app enables you to register Squash Girls Can, Squash 101 or Squash 57 sessions. To select the venue fist start typing the venue and then select from the drop down list. Click save and you are all done

You will see all your sessions in a list and can select a session to edit the details.

Add a player

To add player go to 'My Sessions' select the session which you want to add a player too or add a new sessions (see My Sessions section above).

Select 'add player'.

You can add a new player to the session by asking them to complete to complete the form. Make sure they complete all the fields before selecting 'add'. N.B. For data protection purposes please ensure all first time players add their own details. Players will be given the option to opt in to marketing emails, and be able to read the England Squash privacy policy and terms and conditions. The more players you get to add their details during your sessions the more points you’ll earn and the quicker you will be moving up the rankings.

Once you have added a new player to your list, you can add them to future sessions by selecting them from the 'select a previous player' drop down list.

The Leaderboard
The Leaderboard shows you where you are compared to other squash leaders in order of how many points you’ve earned. 

At the top of the page we can see the total number of sessions run by squash leaders and the total number of players that have attended these sessions, as well as your own rank on the right. 

Below that you will see the full leaderboard and can compare yourself to the other squash leaders from around the country. Earn more points and climb up the leaderboard by running more sessions and getting more players to your sessions to receive rewards and incentives.

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