Parent/Player - How to withdraw from a competition and request a refund.

*Please see below the process for parents and players when withdrawing from an England Squash Competition.

Before the Competition Closing Date

Players wishing to withdraw from a competition before the closing date are now able to do this via Sport Manager.

• Log on to your Sports Manager Account

• Click on ‘My Dashboard’

• From your dashboard select the competition and player you wish to withdraw using the 3 dots under actions.

• Select Withdraw.

• The player will then be withdrawn from the competition and a refund will automatically be sent to your account.

• Players wishing to re-enter the event, must enter the event using the competition entry process.

All requests for withdrawals made before the entry closing date of the competition are guaranteed a full refund.

A successful refund will be confirmed via an email from Sport Manager/England Squash.

After the competition Closing Date

Please contact the Tournament Organiser directly to notify them of your withdrawal, England Squash will not be able to process your refund or withdrawal. The Tournament Organiser will withdraw the player from the competition. There will be no refund when withdrawing after the closing date. Refunds will only be provided if a player does not make a draw or a grade is cancelled. All other exceptions are at the discretion Tournament Organiser or England Squash.

The tournament organiser details can be found directly on the event page which can be found here -

For further information, please contact the competitions team for assistance -

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