How to refund and cancel a players booking

In the event you need to cancel a players booking, you'll be able to do this as shown in our step by step guide.

You will need to be logged into your Squash Stars account to edit your sessions, you can log in here.

NOTE. Before you cancel a participants place on a course and process a refund, check to see if they have received their Squash Star kit. If they are provided a refund, then the kit is required to be returned to England Squash. If you’re cancelling their place in order for them to join a different session, then their Squash Stars kit may be affected as our kit distributor is notified of each booking/kit request 48 hours after each child is enrolled. If a child swaps courses within this 48 period, then their kit may not be sent. For further advice, contact

1. Go to your admin area.

2. Click on 'coaching' on the left side of your screen. 

3. Select the 'ES Squash Stars' category

4. Find the course you would like to add the participant to and click on it. 

5. Tap the players name and their booking information.

6. Select the 'refund' button to refund the amount they paid:

7. If you wish to cancel their booking, you'd need to change the 'status' to 'cancelled':

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