Adding, editing and removing administrators

To add an administrator on ClubSpark, you will need to have administrator access. You may need to check with the lead (Super) Administrator who set up your club's ClubSpark venue account if you do not have the correct access.

You will need to be logged into your Squash Stars account to edit your sessions, you can log in here.

To add an Administrator:

1. Click the 'administrator' tab on the LEFT side of the screen

2. Click the BLUE 'add administrator' button

3. You'll then need to choose whether this person is a 'new contact' (i.e. they're not listed within your contacts module) OR an existing contact (can be found in your contacts module), if they're a NEW CONTACT, fill in the below form

For EXISTING contacts, you can search by name and select the applicable person in the dropdown menu. 

4. Choose the admin role (tick box) you wish to apply

  • Super administrator - Has access to coaching, contacts, profile and administrator modules. They can also remove admin access from others. 
  • Administrator - Can access coaching, contacts, profile and administrator modules but CANNOT remove admin access from others.
  • Contacts administrator - Has access to only the contacts module. They will NOT see the coaching, profile or administrator module.
  • Coaching administrator - Coaching admins have access to the coaching module and contacts module. They will NOT be able to access the administrator module. 

5. Click 'save' at the bottom of the page. 

To 'edit' administrator rights: 

1. Click 'administrator module' on left side of the screen. 

2. Select the person you wish to 'edit' rights for

3. Select 'options' and then 'edit contact'

4. Scroll down to the 'administrator roles' section and untick any options they shouldn't have and add the correct one. 

5. Click 'save contact' at the bottom of the page. 

To remove administrators / admin rights:

NOTE. Only super administrators can REMOVE admin rights from an individual / contact. 

1. Click 'administrators' on the left. 

3. Choose 'contact options' and then 'edit contact' 

4. Untick all the admin role / notifications they have and select 'save' contact. 

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