How to create custom, add and remove contact tags

Creating custom tag(s) allows you to group together particular contacts, such as teams. This makes identifying a set group of users easier, you can use the filters in the contacts page to email those with the tags linked. 

You can create tags in a number of different places within the platform. You can create them when creating a new programming course or from within the contacts module.

You will need to be logged into your Squash Stars account to set up and create your sessions, you can log in here.

1. Go to your admin area.

2. To create a custom tag(s), you first need to go into the Contacts Module in the Admin area on the left hand side.

3. Select the blue 'Contact Options' button in the top right hand corner, then click on 'Contact Tags'.

4. Here you will be able to create your custom tags by clicking 'add new tag'. Please remember to click 'Save tags' once you have created your custom tags.

5. You will now be able to assign your custom tags to your members by selecting the applicable contacts (box above all names 'selects all', we're showing tagging specific contacts):

6. Click the button with the three dots and choose 'add tags' (shown below). 

7. Select the tags that you wish to add, a pop-up box like below will show and you'll be able to see the ones added. Once done, select 'save'. 

NOTE: To remove tags, you follow steps 1-4 then 6 and then choose 'remove tags' instead. 

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