How do I edit my child's information?

If you would like to update your child's information before booking onto a Squash Stars programme, the below steps provides guidance on this. 

1. Visit the Squash Stars website -

2. Click 'login / sign-in' in the top right corner - the details used would be the same you used to register previously when booking onto a Squash Stars programme (either by email & password, Microsoft, Facebook or Google).

If you're unsure on how you registered, please email support via and we'll check for you.

3. Select the icon of a person in the top corner and choose 'players' from the dropdown. 

You'll see a screen as below: 

You can change the 'gender, first & last name, and Date of Birth'. You just need to click on the relevant field to edit it. 

4. Click 'update details' after changing the information you needed. 

NOTE: There is a dropdown which is visible by clicking the current child's name. You can switch to another child if they're listed. You can then use step 3-4 to complete the update for other children. 

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