Tournament Organiser - How to seed a player (using England Squash rankings)

*Please see below the process when seeding players for England Squash competitions.

Please follow the below steps when seeding your competition.

  1. Sign into your Sport Manager Account - Sign In
  2. Navigate to the page for your competition by selecting "Tournaments" at the top of the page - Tournaments
  3. Select your tournament.
  4. Click on the "Players" tab.
  5. On the right hand side underneath the ES ranking title a players England Squash Ranking is shown in the red shape.
  6. A players ranking will freeze based on the date the tournament closes.  For example if the tournament closes on 21st January the January rankings will be used.  Or if the tournament closes on 31st January and the tournament is in February the January rankings must still be used.
  7. If there is no ranking for the player, please double check the rankings: This could be for 2 reasons: i) a player has no ranking points for that age category.  There is a duplicate account on Sport Manager and the system is unable to distinguish the player.

All information on how to seed a player in Sport Manager is available in the England Squash rules and regulations:

For further information, please contact the competitions team for assistance -

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