Can I manage my children under the same account?

All accounts for under 16s will now need to be managed by a parent or carer for safety reasons. To do this the parent or carer needs to register for an account themselves (NB: this is free - you do not need a membership or even to play squash yourself to manage your child's account), and register their children under the same account. 

To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Log in to your account on, or if you do not have one, create a free account. If you think you already have an account (for example if you have signed up or have been a member of England Squash in the past), you can attempt to recover your account by resetting your password, or by attempting to recover your account
  • To add a child account, go to the Child Accounts page and either create a new child account by clicking on the 'Add new child account' button. If you think the child has an existing account, you can attempt to recover their account by completing the child account recovery form
  • Once the accounts are created or recovered, you will be able to manage the data and memberships for all of your child accounts from the Child Accounts page from your membership dashboard
  • When your accounts reach 16 years of age, you will invited to enter an email address for the child, which will create a standalone account for the child and de-link them from your account (not mandatory). This can be done at any time after the child's 16th birthday on the child account page by pressing the grey 'Delink child' button.

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