What should I do with duplicate members?

As a club admin, it is possible that you may see duplicate members appearing in your club's member list, or you may receive membership requests from members who already appear on your club membership list. The reasons for these duplicates may vary, but the most common ones include:

  • Members who have been unable to recover their account when attempting to activate their membership on englandsquash.com
  • Members who have an existing account but have for various reasons set up an additional, duplicate account
  • Coach members who have also been listed by a club as a player member

If you see duplicate members in your club's member list, you can clean these up simply and easily by reporting any duplicate members you see in your club member list to  membership@englandsquash.com, providing the ES ID of any duplicates. These can then be merged together by England Squash. 

You can also remove any duplicate accounts that are no longer required from your member list using the 'Remove' link, or by using the check boxes to select multiple members, and then selecting 'Remove' from the bulk actions menu just above the table. Be sure to remove the old/non-activated account, and not the activated account the member is using!

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