What's the difference between an active member and an activated member?

For various reasons, we need to distinguish between various types of members, which requires us to use terminology which we appreciate is very similar and can be confusing.

An active member is any member with a current membership, either via an affiliated club or purchased directly (sometimes these may also be referred to as 'paid-up' or 'valid' members). These are shown in club membership lists under the 'Member type' column, which lists the category of membership they have (Club, Direct, Coach or Non Member). For 'Club' members, their status is linked to the club's affiliation status, so if the club's affiliation status lapses, then their member status will change to 'Non member'.

An activated member is one who has visited englandsquash.com and verified their account by confirming their personal details. This process ensures the player has control of their personal data, and ensures that we have the requisite permission to hold their data and gives members access to our privacy policy and terms and conditions of membership . Because of this, members need to activate their account in order to access their full range of benefits . Clubs can see which players have activated their account on their member list under the 'Activation' column. To help clubs understand more about account activation, and to help support their members in activating their accounts, we have a full guide to account activation available.

Finally, to reassure those that find these terms confusing... We're aware of the issues these terms can cause, and it's something that we will be reviewing them in the near future!

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