Some of our club's members have the wrong membership type

If some of your club's listed members are showing as 'Adult' or 'Unknown' when they should be 'Junior' members* (or vice versa), as a club admin you can quickly update these:

First of all, you will need to locate the member in your member list:

Using the 'Edit' button, you can then edit the member's details and a pop-up screen will appear. To edit the member type, there are two options (assuming no DOB has been set):

  1.  Change the member type under 'Edit' member details, and press save.
  2. Add a date of birth to their account under member details and press save. Using this method, the member type is calculated automatically (if they are 19 years of age or older it will be calculated as Adult) and you do not need to add the member type.

The updated status will then be shown on the member list the next time the page is refreshed.

If the 'Edit' button is not available, the member may have already activated their account and so you will need to ask them to update their details themselves. Alternatively, you can contact the membership team at who should be able to help process your request.

*Members are classified as Juniors until their first membership renewal following their 19th birthday. There is no difference in the benefits available to Adult and Junior members

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